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Eviatar Tron

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I motivate people to think creatively about problems. My main concern is environment and technology, and in that I founded a networking hub called GREEK (green Geek) but I attempt to apply the same type of thinking to human condition in general ...
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Black Rock City, Nevada: The city of Burningman, which is constantly on the edge of technology. society and arts

Eviatar רוצה שיתרחש השינוי החברתי הבא:

I want to see poor people in deprived locations become innovators and entrepreneurs. I want them to apply their creativity in sustainable ways,, both economically and environmentally

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In a former IT professional who made the transition into clean-tech. My new career combines my passion about environmental issues with my creativity and technical skills. Wishing for others to make the same move, I have started GREEK.- Grass ...
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