Health care

From using technology creatively to giving children a leadership role in preventive care, these innovations in Health Care are improving the lives and longevity of people around the world. These three projects were chosen as standout solutions by our expert judges and the Changemakers community.

Instant Birth Control
With the provocative ad campaign tag line, “No stirrups. No clinic. No hassle,” Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette (PPCW) became the first family planning provider in the US to offer access to birth control pills online. Interested women fill out a questionnaire online, which is reviewed by a nurse or nurse practitioner. If approved, the patient is sent a two-months’ supply of contraception in the mail. Follow up online care is required to continue the prescription.

No more long waits in busy offices, missing school or work, traveling great distances or facing the judgment of providers or pharmacists, to exercise a basic choice regarding reproductive health. For this innovation, the program was a winner of the Disruptive Innovations in Health and Health Care: Solutions People Want competition, sponsored by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Child Promoters of Oral Health
The Fundación BOCA SANA (Healthy Mouth Foundation) puts Venezuelan school children at the center of their own and their fellow students’ dental care by training them as scholar promoters of oral health. At 180 preschools and elementary schools throughout the country, 700 children have learned preventive dentistry – a health care routine that is easy for children to carry out on their own and which gives them and and their classmates a welcome responsible role in their own health that they bring home to their adult family members and carry with them throughout their lives. 

This innovation was a winner of the Designing for Better Health competition, sponsored by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Better Health for Rural Communities
Getting medical treatment to those with complex health problems in rural communities is made much easier with the innovation of ECHO in New Mexico, US. This organization was a winner of the Disruptive Innovations In Health And Health Care: Solutions People Want competition, sponsored by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Using teleconferencing and videoconferencing; Internet-based assessment tools; online presentations; and telephone, fax, and e-mail communications, ECHO helps connect specialists with primary care providers in rural areas to promote the use of identified best practices and keep rural residents healthier.

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