Travel and tourism

Travel has the power to connect minds and spark change anywhere in the world. These three initiatives were chosen by the Changemakers community as some of the best solutions to educate, uplift, and unite the world's citizens.

Celebrating Geotourism in Costa Rica

Since 1985, the Rios Tropicales ecolodge has been doing much more in Costa Rica than just accommodating guests.

Roughly 95 percent of its staff is hired from the community, and guides are encouraged to start their own businesses, partnering with Rios Tropicales to expand their sustainable tourism efforts.

With a growing reforestation initiative, an environmental education program for local schools, and a sustainable farming project, Rios Tropicales, winner of The Geotourism Challenge: Celebrating Places - Changing Lives, is raising the bar in geotourism destinations.

The Art of Change

Who knew a simple 6x8 postcard could touch the lives of 10,000 young people worldwide?

Peace Pals Global Exchange, winner of the Globetrotting for Good: The Condé Nast Traveler Challenge, is answering that question—one postcard and one student at a time. Through their art-for-peace program, Peace Pals is joining 5,000 San Francisco/Bay Area students with 5,000 students from Kampala, Uganda to exchange personalized messages of art, peace, empowerment and self-awareness.

By fostering this connection, the Peace Pals Global Exchange team of teachers and travelers hope to encourage self-worth and cultural awareness through travel and creative workshops, and by promoting global dialog through art.


The Power of Hip Hop

Hip hop culture has influenced millions of people worldwide, and through the Hip Hop Loves Foundation, even more individuals and communities will be transformed.

Winner of the Connecting to the World: The Condé Nast Traveler Challenge, this initiative seeks to connect Brazilian artists with NGOs and volunteers in the U.S., exchanging experiences, enthusiasm, and resources. The Foundation, which plans to expand to South Africa and Native American reservations, will serve as a bridge, linking artists with employment opportunities in the U.S., and Americans with unmatched experiences in Rio. 


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