Rural development

All around the world, grassroots innovations are blossoming in remote towns and villages, elevating the economic wellbeing and health of rural citizens. Among the most successful of these, proving rural poverty is a solvable problem, are winners of three quite different Changemakers competitions. These solutions have been endorsed not only by Changemakers’ expert thought leaders, but also our social change community as a whole. See what has everyone applauding:
Strength in Numbers

Small groups of individual farmers coming together to share labor, pool resources, and develop market strategies: this is what SKDRDP has successfully fomented in India. Through cooperation, these “affinity groups” have been able to minimize risks due to over dependence on a single crop, purchase equipment and supplies in bulk, and strengthen their traditional methods of farming, among other benefits. SKDRDP was a winner in the Banking on Social Change: Seeking Financial Solutions for All competition.

Better Health for Rural Communities

Getting medical treatment to those with complex health problems in rural communities is made much easier with the innovation of ECHO in New Mexico, US. This organization was a winner of the Disruptive Innovations In Health And Health Care: Solutions People Want competition.

Using teleconferencing and videoconferencing; Internet-based assessment tools; online presentations; and telephone, fax, and e-mail communications, ECHO helps connect specialists with primary care providers in rural areas to promote the use of identified best practices and keep rural residents healthier.
Women Farmers as a Key to Development

The idea is to put those who are among the most vulnerable to the struggles of rural poverty – women -- squarely in the driver’s seat for change.  SRREOSHI, in West Bengal, India is putting land ownership back into the hands of women farmers By helping women secure land and property rights, SRREOSHI breaks down gender inequalities, giving women a bigger stake in their economic livelihood and nutrition.

Winner of the 2009 Cultivating Innovation: Solutions for Rural Communities collaborative competition, SRREOSHI plans to continue working with local governments, providing legal assistance to women, and even spearheading a seed bank to help strengthen the voices and value of women in rural India.

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