Here's a story about how members of the Changemakers community are networking new paths toward change:

Call it hope in a briefcase.

In the event of a major natural or man-made disaster, a region's or even an entire country's communications system can be knocked out. For first-response relief workers this means no ability to coordinate the crucial early efforts to save lives. But these days, the first wave of relief workers arrive with a 4lb briefcase that sets up in twenty minutes to become a fully operative, solar powered, internet-based command center, ready to transmit voice, data and pictures to the rest of the field team and the rest of the world.


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Hollis Aultman יצר את New group, קבוצת דיון. - לפני 2256 ימים
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Hollis Aultman יצר את New group, קבוצת דיון. - לפני 2258 ימים
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