Here's a story about how members of the Changemakers community are working to ensure that labor benefits rather than exploits people and the environment:

Every year innumerable women disappear into the throes of sexual slavery yearly and millions of children are forced into child labor, but you can help put an end to this global blight by looking for ways to buy goods approved by organizations such as RugMark, The Emancipation Network, and TransFair USA.

These three Changemakers competition finalists are featured in the following video that shows how they are supporting economic freedom and justice for some of the world's most vulnerable populations. 

Hollis Aultman יצר את New group, קבוצת דיון. - לפני 2222 ימים
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Hollis Aultman יצר את New group, קבוצת דיון. - לפני 2225 ימים
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