Here's a story of how one group in Egypt is providing accessible housing and saving the environment to boot:

Building a home takes more than a simple set of tools. These organizations show what’s possible when communities come together to raise their consciousness, their voices, and some well-designed buildings.

The Appropriate Development, Architecture & Planning Technologies (ADAPT) organization in Egypt is getting creative with its approach to housing. Rather than relying on expensive materials that are inappropriate for Egypt’s hot climate, ADAPT scans the construction site for durable materials to build affordable homes. Stone, granite, and mud mixed with sand are just a few of the local solutions that eliminate transportation costs . . . 

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Hollis Aultman יצר את New group, קבוצת דיון. - לפני 1855 ימים
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Hollis Aultman יצר את New group, קבוצת דיון. - לפני 1858 ימים
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