Youth leadership

The best ideas for nurturing young leaders are right here. Champions of youth development regularly participate in our global competitions, and from three different contests, come these favorites that meet the high expectations and irrepressible optimism of the Changemakers community.

Free Speech in Pursuit of Peace

Young journalists and activists in the Middle East and Northern Africa are using the internet to unite cultures and sound off against conflict. Staples Youth Social Entrepreneur competition finalist, MideastYouth, founded by a 22 year-old activist, provides a multi-media platform where 180 young bloggers can raise their voices to escape silence and oppression.

Soccer for Bigger Goals

 Playing on the soccer field is just like navigating the workforce—players must be sharp and able to work together. The creators of A Ganar, a Sport for a Better World competition finalist, understood the practical skills that can be learned through soccer, and created a program to help at-risk youth in Latin America find employment. Through soccer gammes, A Ganar teaches math, vocational skills, and language training to secure brighter futures for 16 to 24 year-olds.

Showing Young Men a Better Way

Since 1988, Massachusetts-based outreach program, Roca, has transformed the lives of young men heading down a road of self-destruction. Roca has allowed more than 15,000 young people involved in criminal activity to start fresh through support, peer mentoring, and employment opportunities. This innovation was selected as a finalist in the 2008 Young Men at Risk: Transforming the Power of a Generation competition.


Hollis Aultman יצר את New group, קבוצת דיון. - לפני 2343 ימים
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Hollis Aultman יצר את New group, קבוצת דיון. - לפני 2347 ימים
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Hollis Aultman יצר את New group, קבוצת דיון. - לפני 2347 ימים
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