Child care

Here's a story about how Changemakers in Germany are re-connecting with their families:

It takes an incredible amount of effort and ingenuity to change traditional social norms, but these Changemakers are redefining the meaning of manhood. By creating balance in the home, the workplace, and the community Volker Baisch and Jack Kammer are giving men of all ages a chance to overcome stereotypes, rise above social pressures and experience a fullness of life that cultural gender constraints often does not permit.

Volker Baisch is providing the missing link to help working fathers connect with their families. Corporate culture in German society typically requires men to devote long hours on the job without any flexibility for family. Baisch’s organization Vaeter e.V. (Fathers’ Association) and his corporate program, Dads—Fathers in Balance, create stable relationships between men’s work and home lives by making workplaces more father-friendly. Benefits such as paternity leave and “bring your child to work day” are just a few of the initiatives Baisch lobbies for to make fatherhood an attainable and fulfilling experience for men and their families.

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