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ID2 Showcase: What is it all about?

The Judges:

All over the world, technology is transforming the lives of the world's poorest people. New business models are emerging which make it possible for innovators and entrepreneurs to benefit from a "double bottom line" of sustainable profits from products that save and improve lives.

Israel, with its strong presence in the water, agriculture, renewable energy and health technology sectors, and its geographical proximity to Africa and Asia, has the potential to be one of the leading sources of innovative solutions to developing world problems. Today, already several Israeli companies are taking up the challenge of addressing the needs of the poor in developing countries.

Some examples of active projects:

  • Izhar Gafni's cardboard bicycles aim to supply cheap bicycles to poor countries.
  • Yosef Abramowitz's company, Arava Power, uses solar power to bring electricity to far-flung places such as Rwanda, the Galapagos Islands.
  • Shai Reshef 's University of the People is a free online university that provide high education in affordable prices for people around the world.

To transform Israel into the “development start-up nation”, we need to combine Israeli ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit with a real understanding of the needs of people in developing countries and of the business models which can enable Israeli companies to sustainably meet those needs. The ID² event is bringing together Israelis and Jews from the public, private and NGOs sectors to think about how to meet this challenge.

The ID2 gathering combined with the ID2 competition seeks to raise awareness of these needs, and what Israel has to offer in this respect. The competition will be used as a tool allowing participants to develop their ideas and projects, and gain input from others both attending the gathering and online. The competition will give ID2 participants the opportunity to form groups to collaborate, brainstorm ideas and begin thinking about possible ventures and the appropriate business models to address challenges facing people living in the developing world. The platform will offer the participants a way to display their project ideas, gain input and support from other participants as well as the broader online community.

We would like to see entries that:

  • Harness innovation to solve international development challenges.
  • Were created by a team comprised of different ID2 participants with complementary skills and expertise.
  • Show the first steps for implementation – identify a need, location, population to serve, how to implement it, a business model, sources of funding etc.

ID2 - Ashoka Showcase Guidelines

How it works?

  • 10am Tuesday 8th Jan (“Lets go Tachlis” session): ID2 Ashoka Showcase opens

What does this mean?

  • You are invited to begin brainstorming ideas for potential projects with fellow participants.

Then what?

  • Over the course of the day you should start forming teams to work on these projects. Once you have a rough idea of your project, one of the team members should register on the Kikar Ashoka Platform. (We promise this time its not a long process!)

What is the platform?

  • Is an opportunity for you to describe the project idea to your peers, both at the conference and within your social networks and online communities, and gain feedback and votes for your project idea. Feel free to fill out as much of the form as you want, and to keep updating it as your ideas develop and you incorporate the feedback.

How long do I have to do it in?

  • 22 hours! Yes, that’s it! Until 8:30am on Wednesday 9th January when the competition will close for voting.

What is expected of me?

  • We are not expecting full business plans, budgets or any great details, just a simple entry outlining the idea with as many supporting documents, pictures and details as you like.
  • This means you will have to divide your time between developing your project ideas and promoting them and getting votes (its tight, we know, but you can do it!)

Then What?

  • The 3 teams with the most votes will have an opportunity to present before an expert panel of judges who will give them feedback for their projects.

When am I expected to do all this?

  • Start Now! During the “Lets go Tachlis” session you will have an opportunity to begin thinking about the ideas. Through the course of the day and in between sessions you can continue brainstorming and discussing ideas. After dinner, the night is free and the lab will be open for you to work on your projects.

Feel free to ask any of the staff members if you have any further questions
Good Luck!

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