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 Here's a story from members of the Changemakers community about how to develop a successful online fundraising campaign for your organization:You’ve got your organization name, you’ve got your team, you’ve targeted your goals. Now all you need is to raise the money. Or maybe you have been raising money through direct mail or occasional snail mail requests, until now, when you decide to save overhead and paper by doing all your fundraising on the web.Read more about this solution, or discuss this topic below. 

השב לתגובה | כיכר אשוֹקה

by Adolph Hair | 04 בApr 2016

Also, try to have the floor slightly sloping towards the door area
of the coop as this to will aid you when it comes to
cleaning. It's quite a challenge to build a chicken house
that provides enough protection and comfort to your chickens so that they can lay eggs
safely. On the other hand you can decide to build your own chicken coop and cut the costs in half.