Community development

ע"י admin | 18 בפבר' 2011
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Here's a story about how members of the Changemakers community are promoting community development in Mexico:There is a saying that once Indian land is taken, there is no getting it back.  But Carlos Chavez and his work over the last 20 years with the Huichol or Peyote people of Mexico proves it ain’t necessarily so.Through the support of his group, the Huichol have managed to take back land that was given away in the flux of Spanish conquest, Mexican revolution and ensuing political struggles over the last 400 years.  He has helped this traditional indigenous group nestled in the western Sierra Madre win the respect of the Mexican authorities and the power to protect their territory from ever-encroaching loggers, ranchers and marijuana growers. It has been a long slow struggle featuring almost 200 court cases to reclaim over 140,000 acres of land.Read more about this solution, or discuss this topic below.